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    Pokerstars January Best Guess for Start Day

    I submitted the tournaments over 10 days ago, but their team is on Holiday.

    I was told they would get them ready on Monday, so I suspect Tuesday we will have them ready to go again.
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    lol..they suck....hahahahaa

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    they managed it for today. Suprise that they fixed it. ;-)

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    There are over 2k in the game in 10 min and the password is not even released yet.
    We need to try something else. I can't believe these ppl want to play a $10 freeroll with 2k players.

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    omfg, thats crazy. I will for sure not use my points to enter such a game.

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    Yesterday's PokerStars 21:00 CET ... 37 opted members, 99 playing players ... this is really a MESS! I'm fed-up on leak-ers (so-called playas)!

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