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    poker ticket free froum pokerstart

    IntelliPoker offers three lessons for
    learn the basics of poker and start
    play for fun and win. The
    first two lessons will help
    beginners to understand the mechanisms and
    basic concepts. The third lesson was
    created to help players develop
    a winning strategy in Texas Hold'em
    Fixed Limit.

    Each lesson is followed by a quiz
    test what you learned and you
    reward based on your score.
    Check out the descriptions and choose
    one that fits you best.
    Award for Basic Trivia: ticket to a tournament with the $ 1 000
    Major prizes for the Quiz: two tournament tickets at $ 1.20
    the qyiz is very very fast
    in the lien:Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells

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    can i join english verison of pokerschool even if im not from US/UK ? the friend of mine has account at czech intellipoker, but he didnt get ticket's to those PSO freeroll's

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