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    Poker Client Rakeback

    Rakeback Rewards

    Earn Points (RB) by playing in raked pots. For each chip in rake you contribute, you receive 1 RB. Points can be redeemed for an amount of chips depending on your rakeback level. Rakeback levels are earned by gaining RB.

    Chip Rewards

    Rakeback Commands

    Type the following into the lobby chat of the poker client:

    !RB - Displays your total RB earned, RB balance, and rakeback level
    !RB value [number] - Displays how many chips you'd receive for redeeming [number] RB
    !RB redeem [number] - Redeems [number] points in exchange for chips
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    Poker players are always looking for ways to earn more money playing poker. One of the best ways to do this is by using a rakeback poker client. A best essay writing service rakeback poker client gives you back some percentage of all the rakes that are taken from your hands in cash games and tournaments. This blog post will cover what rakeback is, how it works, and why you should use one if you're serious about becoming a profitable long-term player.
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