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    I've been auditing some of the results here...and I'm gonna go on record that I'm a little disappointed.

    The idea of the contest was to not only inspire people to hit all of the new offerwalls and be more active in the client, but to drive new membership to the site. On more than one occasion, I've seen that people are abusing the referral part of the leaderboard to get ahead. That ends now.

    I can go one of three ways with this:

    1) I can remove the referral piece all together - clearly no one cares about new membership, so why bother.

    2) I can remove the entire contest.

    3) I can leave the contest as is and remove anyone from future competitions that is abusing it.

    I'm not really sure why we should keep paying people a pretty generous pot for cheating, but considering all the work that went into making it for you guys, I'm super pissed right now and its a shame that a few people are ruining it for everyone else. I'm not asking anyone's vote or opinion, I'll reserve judgement until my audit is complete.
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