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    New LLB Upgrades - Exlusion List & Unlimited Entries -

    2 Upgrades on the LLBs

    Exclusion List

    As the creator of the LLB, you can now EXCLUDE PokerOwned names from the entering your LLBs. If you are excluded, you simply won't see the bet. Remember, you add the PokerOwned name (Not the screen name). If we need to do further upgrades on this we will. I didn't add the Password protection today because I thought this might fix most of the issues.

    Unlimited Entries

    You now have 3 options when making a LLB

    Max 5
    Unlimited (This is the new one, no cap on the # of people who can enter)
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    This is perfect Zab!
    I like the option added for unlimited, but i also prefer some limited, especially if it is for high points.

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    Nice Zab, thank you for the upgrade =)

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    Wow , another awesome upgrade Zab! This site keeps growing.

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