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    Fire Zab

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    I understand all of the above. However, no one mentions how having hand histories from can greatly increase you winrate. People should learn more about this.

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    I think if I bring back the poker client. The new one i made. Allow human vs human.

    Probably ring off other sites (You guys would kill them).

    Add ACR tournaments. This is probably a must. At least 1 a day. You say 7pm est?

    I'd have to re-add the offerwalls here, but the security here compared to like my other site is FAR lacking.

    Get some new blood, new Admins. BBJ has good ideas, let him run the site for better or worse

    Re-add many of the features we had.

    I could PROBABLY add sports betting here
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    Correct Zab! Having tournaments @ ACR will bring people back to this site real quick.

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    Whatever y'all decide to do next with this forum, I'm sure you'll always have a following If everything moves over to another platform, don't forget to place a link out here somewhere so us old-timey veterans can check back in from time to time

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