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    LLB, Donkey Bets, Staking & Bounties with Coupon System

    Expect some issues, expect some bugs.. This is a MAJOR change. And for sh*t sake if you see an exploit please tell me.

    Because of the way things used to work (Opting in) the old way vs the new way (Coupon system), the promotions are changed somewhat:

    LLB- You don't need to opt in here, nothing really much will change

    Donkey Bets- The system looks at people who PRE-REGISTER (Use your coupon before the game starts). You can then bet on those people. It checks several times before the tourney starts. Once the tourney starts, no more bets. The odds \ payouts will also change as we get the FINAL #'s from the people that entered. Keep in mind, there is late registration.

    Bounties- The system will look at players that are seated about 1 minute after the tourney starts. The mods won't be able to put up Bounties until 1 minute after the tourney starts.

    Staking- Cannot do staking until I do a significant upgrade. The issue is, if you stake someone and they DON'T Play, they still got issued that coupon. The fix is going to be if you stake someone, they are staked for the VERY next tournament no matter what that they played in.
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    Good work Zab!

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