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    Leaderboard Contest Tips

    As someone who has won a few contests in tasking in his time, I thought I'd share a few tips and tricks to winning these things:

    - Set a daily goal for earning: If you can make X amount a day each day, you can figure out what your monthly totals will be.

    - Have a daily routine: Typically I have an order I try to knock certain tasks out (print coupons, live samples, etc.). It helps get into the flow of daily earnings.

    - Remember that weekends are tougher: Temper the goals for the weekends as most offerwalls to not update new offers on the weekends, and surveys are tougher to come by.

    - Post at least one referral link a day somewhere: With the structure of this contest, referral leaderboard points will be crucial. One or two good ones could put you over the top with those 10 pts.

    - Nurture the referrals: Your ranking on the leaderboard is only as good as their earnings; spend time to make sure they are maximize their earnings to give you an edge in the standings.

    - Play as many tournaments as you can, no exposition needed here.

    Good luck to everyone trying to win the title.
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