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    Does court deserve his points back?

    My thoughts are no.

    Long story short Houser was chip dumping to Jwill, court saw this and tried to get in on it and lost

    Hand #888501-4 - 2012-11-16 13:48:21
    Game: NL Hold'em (4000 - 20000) - Blinds 100/200
    Table: Nosebleed 100/200
    Seat 2: houser (20200)
    Seat 3: court (4000)
    Seat 4: JWILL (30818) - sitting out
    houser has the dealer button
    houser posts small blind 100
    court posts big blind 200
    ** Hole Cards **
    houser raises to 20200 (All-in)
    court calls 3800 (All-in)

    houser refunded 16200
    ** Flop ** [8c Jc 5c]
    ** Turn ** [4d]
    ** River ** [2d]
    ** Pot Show Down ** [8c Jc 5c 4d 2d]
    houser shows [4c 5s] (Two Pair, Fives and Fours +J)
    court shows [7c Kh] (High Card King +J875)
    houser wins Pot (7992) with Two Pair
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    It looks like jwill was sitting out first of all and this is just a regular hand... No reason court should get his points back IMO.


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    Yea, I think he should. Those 2 wouldn't have been there otherwise. a scam is a scam

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    No I do not think he deserves them back. It's chip dumping gone wrong did he think it was full proof. He shouldn't be awarded anything back.

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    No offense but i have seen Court go all in with ALOT worse than K7 off. Hes just being a sore loser imo.

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    i dont think he deserves the points back, it was a poker game and he joined himself

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    Hey court give me half your points if you get them back k?

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    my out take is he joined a game with the bottom buy in and lost with 7-k off, which is a client donk hand. So I say no

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    Fuuu alll give court his money bishes
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    I dont think so.. why is he trying to get them from Jwill? he didnt win points in that hand.
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