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Thread: $50 Challenge

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    Thank you Zab........... payment received!!! I wish I had more ideas besides the "Main Chat Tip Jar" for ya
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    I was wondering, sice PO can track the pokerstars results, if we could not have some sort of leaderboard for the freerolls ? Maybe like 525 points buy in ( 500+25 ) have it run monthly, and have the top XX number of players either win the points, or compete in a monthly freeroll on Pokerstars for the prize $, of something along those lines ?

    It could help up attract some Pokerstars members, which would be a good thing to have more points rolling onto this site.

    Toughts ?
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    Here a few sites to check out, yes I know some are offerwalls. I didn't go through this entire thread so they may have been suggested already. Regardless if I get $50 or not, they may still benefit the site and at the end of the day that is what's important.



    Reward Mint

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilg97 View Post
    i know u told me that zab why i gave up on that and told u to try those other radio sites they kinda like radio loyalty
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